Façade lighting is an effective method to increase visibility especially for commercial projects such as hotel, malls, high-rises, bridges, churches or stadiums.
LUMITEC cutting-edge LED lighting systems with integrated control and automation enable easy management and maintenance your vibrant and eye-catching building illuminance.
We are committed to offer full services for building façade lighting including design assistance, production, supply, installation and maintenance.
We provide:
• Broad product specifications that match a variety of requirements
• Supply high-grade lighting fixtures and electrical components
• Go in depth and calculate the lighting levels using the software that builds the house in 3D and places the lights accordingly
• Assist design phase by presenting lighting concept and specifications to be used
• Installation service (where it is required) for all the items we supply. Prior to installation, we submit the shop drawing, do lighting mock-up for approval and consider installation methods.
• Our engineering and installation team is well experienced and technically capable. Enabling our workforce to carry out our tasks with highest precision. We provide the best available tools and equipment to our workforce to perform with maximum efficiency.
• All the products supplied are guaranteed for 3-5 years which bring ease to maintenance. Having one partner for the whole process increase supplier’s commitment to rectify future issues



Media Facade

Turning building facade into theatrically intriguing light performance with seamless movements and transitions using DMX512 system.
These low-resolution pixel matrices architecturally fuse light and media, allowing architects and designers to develop digitally interactive architecture that strikes a balance between aesthetic structures and visual communication. The digital nature of solid state lighting makes it possible to create communicative media facades that are truly integrated into the architecture


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