Smart Automation systems allow complete control of interior spaces (lobbies, function rooms, hotel guest rooms etc.) including lighting, blinds, heating, CCTV and other electrical devices. Control should be easily centralized via an in-wall touch panel, remote control or tablet and phone. Scene setting allows the preset of alternative space feels and moods for different space purposes, all to be customized to your design intent.

Benefits of Smart Automation include:

 – Energy Saving and Control – By monitoring the operation of electrical devices using timer or sensor activity, less electrical power is wasted due to human neglection. All lights and heating system can be set to automatically turned off in timely manner or thanks to motion detection sensor

Fully controllable heating (and air-conditioning, if required) can allow precise control of each room ensuring rooms are only heated when needed as well as having warmer en-suites than bedrooms. Guest rooms can have set points pre-defined between two values ensuring thermostats aren’t ramped up and then forgotten. Monitoring via central touch-panels and mobile devices allows guest rooms to be pre-warmed before guests arrive. Integrating heat recovery systems even allows us to take air from south facing rooms warmed by the sun and distribute it to colder rooms.

  – Enhanced Customer Experiences and Operating Convenience – A well designed automation system can control anything electrical from the heating and lighting to more obscure elements. The convenience can benefit both operating staffs and guests who will enjoy more control over their space.


We provide:

• Broad product specifications that match a variety of requirements

• Supply high-grade lighting fixtures and other electrical components

• Go in depth and calculate the lighting levels using the software that builds the house in 3D and places the lights accordingly

• Assist design phase by presenting scene concept and specifications to be used

• Installation service (where it is required) for all the items we supply. Prior to installation, we submit the shop drawing, do fixture mock-up for approval and consider installation methods.

• Our engineering and installation team is well experienced and technically capable. Enabling our workforce to carry out our tasks with highest precision. We provide the best available tools and equipment to our workforce to perform with maximum efficiency.

• All the products supplied are guaranteed for 3-5 years which bring ease to maintenance. Having one partner for the whole process increase supplier’s commitment to rectify future issues


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