About Lumitec Lighting Specialist Inc.

Lumitec Lighting Specialist is a provider of LED Lighting and Control Device Systems. The company offers intelligent, robust and reliable engineered products suited to a wide range of applications. Our LED Lights can be coupled with smart control systems (solar powered, tricolor dynamic, photosensor, motion-sensor or daylight adaptive) to maximize energy savings and lighting efficiency. Lighting features can be customized to fit in any particular requirements.


Lumitec designs and installs user-friendly, integrated control in hotel rooms, building lobbies, residential living areas to enhance comfort, ambience, and convenience. Users can either control lighting, temperature, curtains, audiovisual systems, MUR/DND status– all from wall switches, bedside panels,or tablets or use automated control of common areas such as lobbies, restaurants, bars, meeting and function rooms provides perfect lighting effects, proper temperature control.


- Design, Supply , And Commissioning of Hotel Room Controllers
- Design, Supply, and Commisioning of Building and Residential Automation
- Design, Supply, and Commissioning of Lighting Controls
- Design, Supply, and Commissioning of Façade Lighting and Controls
- Modification of Lighting Specifications according to Project Requirement and Application

LED Linear Lighting of various applications

Many of our Linear Lighting applications, recessed or hanging and tailored to custom lengths, are a perfect solution for office and commercial space. The application creates a modern touch with a sense of simplicity into the design.
Click our headline to check out our Aluminum Profiles for Linear Lighting at different sizes and installation methods.

Discover our Landscaping Lights with full specs

Lumitec is proud to introduce our portfolio of waterproof LED Landscape Lights. These new and unique landscape lighting products will give designers new and creative choices for adding dramatic lighting effects to their landscape projects.

Commercial Recessed Downlights

A wide array of recessed downlights for different lighting effects : general light, spotlight, wall washers. CREE or EPISTAR LED with super long lifetime of 50,000 hours and high lumen efficiency of 90lm/W.

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